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Three Marvelous Uses of Stainless Steel Float Balls Searching for metal float ball solutions for your commerce or industry? Perhaps you want a shiny flag pole ball as decor for a flag pole? Stainless steel float balls come with extraordinary benefits for applications that need resistance to corrosion and high temperature or pressure. Stainless Steel Float Balls Fabrication Round stainless steel hollow metal balls are made by the expert welding of two half shells. Type 304 ss and 316 ss are the standard stainless steel grades used in building float balls, but other types are available as well. Between the two, grade 316 offers greater rust and corrosion resistance. Stainless steel is a very versatile metal and may be fabricated into different shapes and sizes. Two crucial requirements for ensuring uniform welding and a seam that is hardly noticeable, are skilled labor and high tech machinery. Stringent quality control measures are necessary to produce superior quality metal floats that may be safely used in industrial applications.
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Advantages of Stainless Steel Balls
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Stainless steel come with several advantages when compared to other metals like brass and copper. Its tensile strength is high, and it can stand corrosion, temperatures as high as 800 F, and extreme pressure. It is also a heavy-duty material and can assure proper functioning of the device with minimum maintenance for an extended period, making it a viable and affordable option for commercial users. Applications that Need Buoyancy Light-walled stainless steel balls are great for applications where greater buoyancy is needed. With their floating ability, they may be used for the measurement, maintenance and regulation of liquid levels in a device. They are usually used in sump pumps to turn on a crucial switch as soon as a particular liquid level has been achieved. With the switch activated, water will then be pumped out to a safe place. Applications Where Pressure Resistance Is Needed Stainless steel ball valves’ high pressure applications are most often seen in in steel mills, agricultural equipment, chemical plants, oil refineries and industrial fuel lines. These valves can have different end connections and pressure ratings for various uses. Valves come with excellent on/off control that offers users the option to allow or prevent high pressure liquid flow. Stainless steel prevents a lot of float failures on float boxes, low-pressure steam traps, float valves, and the rest. Stainless steel floats may be safe at high pressures up to 1,000 lbs., often with fairly thin walls to maximize buoyancy. Ornamental Applications Stainless steel float balls can also be used in applications beyond industrial. Stainless steel flag pole balls are perfect d?cor for the helm of flag poles. Besides, they are highly resistant to adverse weather conditions and offer long-term value. The smooth, spotless and polished exterior of these balls has sparked the imagination of interior designers who are now incorporating them in modern interior design projects.